Monday, 21 May 2012

10 Types of Coffee

Who doesn’t like the intense coffee flavour? You have probably tasted some different types of coffee but I’m sure that you would like to try more and more. Coffee is an experience of different textures, colours and flavours.

It represents the most intense type of coffee flavour. It is the original one and if you are brave it can be served without sugar. But if not, please, don’t sweeten it too much because it may lose its essential bitterness.

Caffé Latte
It is a typical French coffee. It is prepared with an espresso and a generous amount of steamed milk. Some people like with a bit of milk foam and others prefer without it.

Caffé Mocha
It is a variant of caffé latte. It is made with an espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup with milk foam over the top.

It is probably the most famous Italian coffee. Although it can be made in different ways, not everybody makes a good one. Once you have added the coffee and the steamed milk, it is very important to create very solid milk foam; this is the essence of this coffee. Then you can add a little cinnamon or chocolate powdered topping.

Although carajillo (Spanish coffee) and correto (Italian coffe) are not exactly the same, they would be in the same category. Correto is an espresso sprayed with liquor such as grappa or cognac.  Carajillo is a large espresso sprayed with liquor (the most known is cognac or brandy but with whisky or rum is also fine) as well but with a very important difference. First, put sugar and the liquor in a small crystal glass. Burn the liquor and remove it with a spoon until the flame was disappeared. Then, add the coffee. Put a cinnamon steak and a little slice of lemon.

Irish Coffee
Put hot black coffee into a mug and then serve the Irish whiskey in there with a little amount of brown sugar (better than white sugar) and mix all together. Finally, gradually add a layer of cream with the spoon, without mixing with the coffee.

Granita Caffé
It is a cold espresso. Once you have prepared the coffee let it cold in the fridge. Once it is cold mix it with a glass of crushed ice cubes. Add sugar to taste.

Café Sour
It is prepared with Kalua, a Mexican coffee liquor. Mix sugar, lemon juice, a beaten egg white, crushed ice cubes and liquor in a whisky sour glass.

It is a cold drink and it has to be served in a large glass. It is made in various different forms. In a blender combine cold milk with ice cubes, vanilla ice cream, coffee and a bit of chocolate and mixture well blended. It is a delicious combination to be had in summer.

Passion me
It is a coffee originated by the Spanish chef and the coffee brand Lavazza in 2002. It is made by an espresso, maracuyá juice, crushed ice cubes and topped with some mint leaves. Add sugar to taste.

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