Monday, 7 May 2012

10 creative uses for custom labels

Using a customised label can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Adding one’s own design to a blank roll or sheet of labels from a label manufacturer can make a gift, food or favour truly personal and help give it your own unique stamp.

The 10 creative ways to use a custom label to give your gifts that personal touch are:

10. Jam jar labels

Jar labels

A homemade jam or chutney is loved by all. As such, it would be a good idea to design one’s own label before giving them out this year. Incorporating one’s name and photo on to a design similar to that of a well-known brand such as Hartley’s Jam, making it read Harry’s Jam, say, could be interesting.

9. Beer labels

One’s own name designed on a home-brewed beer bottle would appeal. For example, Steve’s Scrumpy, Bill’s Brew, Adam’s Ale or Insider Cider could do the trick.

8. Wedding cookies

A great wedding favour for guests to take away is cookies. A homemade cookie in its own cellophane bag labelled with the couple’s names and perhaps an image of them would be nice.

7. Photo coasters

Applying a photo printed on a label to a coaster allows for the making of customised coasters. These could be used as inexpensive gifts to send out as a thank you for newborn baby presents or wedding gifts.

6. CD or DVD labels

Cover a CD or DVD disc with a custom printed label. It could provide for an attractive case to present a music or video compilation.

5. Address labels

A beautiful invitation wrapped in a customised label indicates a personal touch. It could also save writing the sender’s address several times over.

4. Gift bags and boxes

Rather than splash out on a customised printed box or bag for the gifts, use a carefully designed label on a plain bag or box. This could save money while creating exactly the desired effect.

3. Bath and body gifts 
This is one Mother’s Day gift to be remembered for. Giving someone a special homemade gift they could be pampered with could lift spirits. Bath salts and soap are easy to make and a collection mum would cherish.

2. Sweet jars

This Easter or Christmas fill a small glass jar with sweet treats and stick on a customised label to give it a personal touch.  It would spread the warmth of the holiday season.

1. Wine bottle labels

Wine labels
A homemade wine adds that extra bit to the drink. It could be a wine for wedding guests or a Christmas bottle of something special – either way it can be made more special by applying one’s family wine label. Gifts labelled with love go a lot further.


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