Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Top 10 winter holiday destinations from Sun to Snow



1. Tunisia


Tunisia is has a variety of lovely beaches with modern hotels along the beach side. Temperatures peaking at 20 degrees in November, what better way to spend your winter?

2. Australia


When it’s turning cold in England, Australia is doing quite the opposite. They have a wide variety of different beaches and busy City’s to visit, perfect place for some winter sun.

3. Tenerife


Tenerife which is one of the 7 Canary Islands, just off of Spain peaks at 19 degrees during the winter months. It attracts thousands of tourists each year with beautiful sandy beaches.

4. Jamaica


Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea, during the winter season it peaks at an amazing 29 degrees. If you want a baking winter then Jamaica is the best place for it!

5. Thailand


Thailand’s reaches 28 degrees in November which is another scorching temperature. It has a wide range of beach resorts to choose from I can’t think of a better place if you’re want a hotter winter.



 6. Finland

Finland reaches a freezing -5 Degrees in the winter months, guaranteed lots of snow and ice! It is also a perfect location if you want to go skiing or Snowboarding.

7. Switzerland


Switzerland is known for its snow during the winter which also provides tourists with all the typical winter sports. The temperatures get down to a freezing -11 degrees, so best wrap up warm!

8. Bulgaria


Borovets in Bulgaria is another freezing destination to visit this winter, they have lots of different Ski resorts to choose from.

9. French Alps


There have a variety of different snowy activities that take place in the French Alps from snowboarding to snowshoeing, perfect for winter fun.

10. Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, USA


Prudhoe Bay reaches the coldest temperatures out of the whole of the state, with the lowest of -27 degrees! If you want a freezing winter this is the place to go, but make sure you wrap up warm!