Friday, 2 November 2012

Top ten things to pack for your travels


Getting everything packed into your suitcase can be a stressful affair. This article offers tips on ways to save space and money while you pack for travels.

From books to toiletries, there always seem to be too many items to fit into one suitcase. We often pack a lot of things that we never end up using without taking some of the most essential items. Here are the top ten things to take on your travels.

1. Luggage scale


Overweight luggage fees can really swallow up your budget so make sure you avoid extra charges by packing a luggage scale and weighing your bag before you leave for the airport.

2. Sunscreen lotion

If you are jetting off to somewhere sunny then sun lotion is a must. Shop around for a deal in your local high street because sun block sold in tourist shops is often really expensive.

3. Compression sacks

One way to lower your checked in baggage weight is to put heavy items into your hand luggage bag and to stuff as many clothes as possible into your suitcase. Compression sacks help you to create space by eliminating any air surrounding your items.

4. E-reader

If you have a bunch of books that you want to get through while you are away then you are definitely better off saving space by investing in an E-reader. Instead of dragging around hefty hardbacks you can just slip your lightweight reader into your hand luggage.

 5. Snacks

Airport shops can be pretty expensive and not all flights will provide you with complimentary food so make sure you take a trip to the supermarket before you leave to stock up on some of your favourite snacks.

6. Empty water bottle

Bottled water sold at airports is overpriced but you are bound to want some for your flight. Save money by packing an empty water bottle in your bag which you can then fill up at a water fountain when you pass through security.

7. Travel-sized containers

Travel sized products are a rip-off, but you probably don’t want to take all of your full-sized toiletries on holiday with you. Solution: buy empty travel-sized containers and fill them with your favourite products.

8. Security bags

You want to make sure your belongings are safe so invest in a padlock for your backpack and a secret pouch that you can wear under your clothing to hold your passport and money in.

9. A VoIP adapter

It is important to work out how you will keep in touch with loved ones back home, especially if you are planning on travelling for a while. A voice over IP adapter is an easy way to connect to a broadband connection allowing you to make cheap calls home.

Click here for more information on low rate VoIP.

10. A camera

An essential for your trip is a decent camera. Instead of spending all your money on postcards and expensive souvenirs you can take meaningful photos of your time away. Take plenty of pictures so that you can make a scrapbook or album of your favourite memories when you get back home.

Everyone over-packs and you are bound to end up taking something away on your travels that you won’t use, but by using these tips you will create more room in your luggage and so that you won’t be hit with hidden charges at check-in.

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