Wednesday, 6 June 2012

10 ways to make a date in London amazing

If you’re heading to London for a romantic date with your partner or new love you will find oodles of things to do. But with so much choice how can you make the best of your time together and enjoy the city too? Here is a guide to the top ten ways to make your London date amazing. 

1. Walk

Forget the crowds and sweat of the tube, the best way to get around London is on foot. Walking through new areas will heighten your sense of adventure and give you and your date a chance to explore side streets and squares together.

2. Head to the river

The Thames is a big silt-filled river at the best of times, but a stroll along its banks can be a romantic way to take a rest from the crowds of the city. Head to the South Bank for picturesque views of St Paul’s and the city, or further out to places such as Richmond for country charm.

3. Hampstead Heath

Pack a picnic and your swimsuit in summer and head to the heath for a romantic walk through nature. This expanse of rolling heathland and woods is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with someone special.

4. The National Gallery

This central museum located on Trafalgar Square is an art haven in the centre of the capital. Entrance to the permanent exhibitions is free and there is plenty to explore. Stand next to your love match in front of a Turner and let the sparks fly.

5. Half-price restaurants

Taking your time over a romantic meal makes any date intimate and London has such a wide variety of eateries to choose from. London dating can be expensive if you plan to eat out several times a week. But there are many websites that offer discounted meals, so book in advance and enjoy half-price dining with all the flair of a top-notch restaurant.

6. Hire a Boris Bike

For the active dater who wants to explore the city further than is possible on foot, there is another way. Grab a Boris bike from one of the many blue hire stations inside central London and cycle around the city. 

7. Borough Market

Foodies will have a ball at this long-established farmer’s market that buzzes with London charm. Take your date on a tour of the market and sample international culinary delights along the way.

8. The Monument

For a cheaper and less crowded aerial view of the city, head up the Monument on the north side of London Bridge. For £2 you can climb the 311 steps to the top and enjoy spectacular views over the city.

9. Regent’s Park

Of all of London’s central parks the most romantic and wild is arguable Regent’s park. Once inside the park grounds the air seems to freshen, and as sounds of London Zoo resonate around you, it is easy to let your imagination run free and get lost with your partner.

10. Plan ahead

It’s great to be spontaneous, but when it comes to a date in London, planning is the key to success. It’s no fun wandering about waiting for something to happen. For dating tips you can follow the eHarmony UK Twitter profile for the latest info. Then decide where it is you want to go, and once your there, who knows what could occur!

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